22 October 2020.

This Evidence Check will be used to inform development of the ACT Year 7 Health Check which will examine adolescent health and wellbeing in the ACT. It identified validated tools for school-based screening and surveillance of weight status and social and emotional wellbeing of students aged 10-18 years and validated screening tools used in school-based settings for risk factors for overweight or obesity and poor social and emotional wellbeing. The findings will also contribute to development of school-based programs to address these risk factors and provide information and referrals for students at risk of overweight, obesity or poor wellbeing.

Citation: Brennan L, Hindle A, de la Piedad Garcia X, Mary Glascott M. Year 7 School-based health checks: an Evidence Check rapid review brokered by the Sax Institute for the ACT Government, 2018.

Date of publication: February 2018

Download: Year 7 School-based health checks (PDF 2 MB)