The Sax Institute membership of 41 health research groups and their universities is a resource that offers multiple benefits to the policy and program community.

This wide membership underpins RADAR – our Researcher Accessible Database for the Allocation of Reviews. The RADAR database includes our member organisations but is also a broader register of national and international experts in population health and health services research.

We use RADAR in sourcing researchers to work with us on Evidence Check reviews. Policy and program agencies can commission these rapid reviews to answer their specific policy questions in a timely way.

Our new Analysis for Policy program is geared specifically to policy and program agencies who would like to use our flagship research asset, the 45 and Up Study. This program offers a customised service to help them define their research questions and establish research partnerships using Study data.

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  • Do you have a project you would like researcher input on? Would you like to use the 45 and Up Study? Email our Knowledge Exchange or 45 and Up teams to see if we can assist.