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An Evidence Check review is a concise summary of evidence that answers specific policy questions presented in a policy-friendly format. Our service results in a rapid review of existing research and evidence tailored to the individual needs of policy, program and service delivery agencies.

The success of Evidence Check stems from the Sax Institute’s network of experienced researchers and the expertise we bring to the knowledge-brokering process.

Examples of policy questions addressed by Evidence Check include:

  • Can interactive electronic media help reduce obesity in young people?
  • Does public reporting of health system performance improve care?

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Knowledge brokering

Our knowledge brokers work with policy makers and other people involved in the design and delivery of programs and services to clarify and refine their issues into researchable questions to ensure Evidence Check reviews meet their needs.

Researcher expertise

When we conduct an Evidence Check review, we draw on the Sax Institute’s 46 member organisations and our extensive RADAR database of specialised researchers. We regularly call for expressions of interest from researchers interested in conducting rapid literature reviews.

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