The Health Insight Pilot Study, conducted by the Sax Institute, is an initial phase of a possible large-scale national cohort study into the health, wellbeing and health service experiences of privately insured Australians.

There is limited evidence about how best to maximise the health and health care of those holding private health insurance – who make up nearly half of the Australian population – to improve future outcomes for all Australians.

Study outline

The Health Insight Pilot Study will invite a sample of people holding private health insurance with Bupa to fill in a questionnaire, including questions on social and economic factors, their health behaviours and their health and wellbeing. This will include a focus on “person-centred outcomes” which are health issues that have been shown to matter most to community members. These include quality of life, connecting with friends and family, participating in work and community activities, mental health, physical disability and pain.

The aims of the Pilot Study are to give early information on person-centred outcomes in people holding private health insurance, to assess engagement with the Pilot Study and to gather information on how best to do the full-scale Health Insight Study.


The Sax Institute is conducting the Health Insight Study with funding from The Bupa Health Foundation (BHF). The Foundation is one of the leading independent charitable foundations dedicated to health in Australia. The BHF has provided advice to the Sax Institute on research themes relevant to private health insurance in Australia. The Sax Institute is entirely responsible for the design of the research.

Contact information

If you have any questions or comments about the Health Insight Study, you can contact the Health Insight Pilot Study helpline via:

Phone:  1300 163 426

Email:    [email protected]

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