This page provides answers to common questions about the Health Insight Pilot Study. Click on the items below to learn more.

The Health Insight Pilot Study is a trial study to learn more about person-centred outcomes in people with private health insurance, whether a larger study of this type is possible and how best to conduct such a study. The information gathered in the Health Insight Pilot Study will be used to decide whether a larger study, inviting many more people with private health insurance, should be undertaken in coming years.
The Study focuses on ‘person-centred outcomes’ in health. These are outcomes that have been shown to matter most to community members and include physical disability, pain, quality of life, mental health, connecting with friends and family, and participating in work and community activities.

The Health Insight Pilot Study aims to test the study procedures that will be used for a full-scale Health Insight Study, which seeks to fill a gap in the knowledge of health and health care experiences in Australia to support improvement in the provision of care. The Study will collect information from people who hold private health insurance, as there is limited existing information about this group of people. The information collected promises to provide insights into the private health care sector and the health and wellbeing of the people who access it.

The Health Insight Pilot Study is being carried out by the following researchers:

  • Professor Emily Banks, Senior Adviser, Sax Institute
  • Associate Professor Bette Liu, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, UNSW
  • Dr Martin McNamara, Head, Research Assets, Sax Institute
  • Mr Mark Bartlett, Director Data and Analysis, Sax Institute

The Sax Institute is a not-for-profit organisation that is independent of any one university or research group. The Institute is also a national leader in promoting the use of research evidence in health policy.

The Study is funded by The Bupa Health Foundation (BHF). The Foundation is one of the leading independent charitable foundations dedicated to health in Australia. The BHF has provided advice to the Sax Institute on research themes relevant to private health insurance in Australia.

All decisions about the design of the research have been and will continue to be taken by the Sax Institute. The Sax Institute is also solely responsible for the management of the study, and the research data is held under the strictest confidence by the Sax Institute exclusively.