Through the Sax Institute, researchers can access world-class research assets and link to health decision makers.

Our research assets

The 45 and Up Study is a collaborative resource available to all Australian researchers. With 260,000 participants it is the largest cohort study addressing healthy ageing in Australia and includes both self-report data and links to routinely collected health data.

SURE, the Secure Unified Research Environment, is a secure computing environment that Australian researchers can log in to remotely to analyse linked health data.

Linking to health decision makers

Our Evidence Check, Evaluation Make and Evidence Exchanges help policy, program and service delivery decision makers find and use research data and research expertise. The Sax Institute brokers these services — provided mainly by researchers — through our Knowledge Exchange program. Researchers who join our RADAR database may work with us to conduct Evidence Check reviews for commissioning policy agencies.

Research Action Awards

In 2015 the Institute launched its inaugural Research Action Awards to recognise researchers whose work has made a real impact on policy, programs or services.